Giving A Groom Wedding Speech And Examples

Groom Wedding Speech

Wedding speeches have been a part of our traditions and customs. Close friends or relatives of the groom and bride give speech on this auspicious occasion to express their joy and happiness. Wedding speeches are an opportunity to spread some humor and fun in the atmosphere. According to the traditions, groom is supposed to give speech after the parents of bride and groom have finished their speech. After all, it is the special day for the couple; everyone's attention is on what speech they would deliver.

Groom should start the wedding speech with a great opening quote or message for the bride or for family and friends. This is the best way to gain attention of busy people and makes a good first impression too. Wedding speech by groom should be well timed; it should not be too short or too long that people feel they have made a mistake coming to this occasion. It is a good practice to write a groom speech of about five minutes but that must include all the gratitude towards the friends and family, humor or healthy jokes.

Groom should pay his regards towards the people who have come to join him on this special occasion and the bride's father. He should say thanks to his new wife for marrying him. In addition, not to forget to respect the generosity of the people who have helped you in organizing and planning the entire event. The sub-parts of the speech should be read in a way that they seem to be in a flow and not like reading headlines of a newspaper. Most of the grooms complain that they could not figure out time for wedding speech due to the shortage of time as they were engaged in planning for the event. Therefore, it is good for a groom to plan for his wedding speech. This would free the groom from the last minute tensions of what and how to give speech on the most wonderful day of his life.

Remember that groom is not supposed to just read the wedding speech; the speech should express true feelings from the heart. It would impress the audience and your new wife as well. Groom should practice the wedding speech so that he is not confused while speaking in front of the audience as most of us suffers from stage freight.

It is your day and you must make every moment of it so special that it is remembered by everyone for a lifetime. Grooms should consider it as a first responsibility they have towards the people who have come to attend their wedding and share their happiness.

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