What Is A Keynote Speech?

Keynote Speech 

A keynote speech is a speech that is given by the most important speaker of an event and opens the event with a keynote address. There are many popular names that are considered the best keynote speakers around the world. Giving a keynote speech can be difficult because depending on where the event is taking place, the address should be directly related to the subject. Most popular keynote speeches are at university or college graduations. Most colleges go through a big deal of trouble trying to select the best speaker for this day. A lot, of times the student body is allowed to choose the keynote speaker. Most times it is someone extremely important or most common a celebrity. It is one of the most important speeches that a student will hear throughout the most common 4 years of their college life.

What are the ingredients of a good keynote speech? Well, in my opinion the best ingredient is keeping the speech short and to the point. Your audience will certainly thank you for it. Tell true and live examples so that your audience can relate to the topic at hand. They will be able to think how to pertain to them in a real life situation. Approach the podium with humor and show the guest that life is serious but there is always a time for humor. Getting the audience involved and reactions with laughter is a good sign that they are "still awake". Don't bore them by reading from your speech outline. Looking down and not giving eye contact good serve you wrong.

Before you start thinking of your keynote speech you must know how you want to deliver your core message and the importance. Without going through this important step it could be quite difficult for you to deliver your keynote speech. If you have children, read your speech to your youth. This is a good indication if they are able to sit through and listen to your keynote address. All in all, have confidence when giving your speech and speak as clearly as possible. Below are some famous keynote speakers during the 20th and 21st century.

Famous keynote speakers of all times: Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates (many bills), Maya Angelou, Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Rita Bajura, Debra J. Crumpton, Mark Gorkin, Dr. Paul Messina, Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs, Patch Adams, David Allen, Les Brown, John Gray, Jay Leno, Dave Mosby, Tim Sanders and Hilary Swank just to name a few. These names have done it all, from their professional career to giving keynote speeches. Look closely at what each of them have in common. They represent themselves well and tell good stories within their speech. Good Luck!

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