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How to determine if you need speech pathology? Do you have trouble producing speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly? At times you may experience problems with speech rhythm and fluency problem such as the more common as stuttering, voice mumbling and other voice disorders.   The best way to find out if you do suffer from a speech disorder you should consult speech language pathologists. There job which can also be known as speech therapist who access, diagnoses, treats and tries very hard to prevent speech language related disorders.

The environment in which you try to cure your speech disorder is very important. If you visit a medical doctor such as a speech pathologist you might be located in a medical setting, which is more professional and easy to concentrate. Other options include a school setting they could be located to work speech pathology students in an office or classroom.

What is treated if you have a speech language problem?

1. Speech

2. Language therapy

3. Voice therapy

4. Standard esophageal speech

5. Cognitive therapy

6. Swallowing disorders

7. Head, neck, swallowing, voice and speech

Curing your speech problems could be difficult but not impossible. Just because you have difficulties at speech does not mean that you cannot become a public speaker. I believe many of speech problems derive from nervous tensions that occur. As a public speaker you will have to control your nerves and be able to speak in front of many people. Speech impediments should be recognized early and practiced before you start your speaking engagement.

A language pathologist are able to determine how severe your speech problems are if you will be to speak in front of a large audience. Don't let this discourage you, because you can overcome your speech problems with practice and confidence. Great self-esteem can take you a long way. Not just with public speaking but with many other things in life.

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