5 Top Short And Sweet Wedding Speech Examples

Wedding Speech Examples

Here are some cute and short examples of wedding speeches. Feel free to write notes for your speech!

  1. Today is very special, one day unique, because it is when it unites two people that love one another and wish to share the life together. When we were younger those questions that were serious to use and who wanted use to do something more important. With who you of the majority is sweet and innocent characteristics of a child. And now is the big moment, the future is in our hands. This would be only one time in our whole life to be full of happy moments and with much illusion in our view. I want you so much and I wish the best for you.
  2. I only want to say that and not to be heavy, that already the speech in this moment is tiring and everyone is waiting to share these moments with you. I wish you all of the happiness in the world. I want that you remember that living together could make you happy or hell. Everything depends on love and the comprehension that will happen everyday. I only wish that you will be very happy and that you plan it with love and responsibility to create every baby that you want. Because it depends on the future of humanity.
  3. First of all, good afternoon, morning or evening to everyone. Thank you for letting me give this speech to everyone, it is a enormous place with your family, friends and those who you know. And now that I'm here I want to continue. That's it!! You know what you have to do and that is the listen to what your heart says and follow it and let it go where it wants to go. Super good luck!
  4. Welcome Everyone! Today I would like to honey and share in this great celebration. While your words should be sweet then your marriage will be happy. I wish that your love shines everyday in your hearts. Remember that now is only when you can ask for much affection and comprehension. I will always be by your side. The love will always support and everything that you believe. Be sure to live with a lot of love. Thanks to everyone who accompanies you here at this matrimony. Cheers!
  5. We wish you much happiness and that you'll have the best marriage that you won't lose and many little children. We always think that you are ours. But now I only wish more than anything that you both will be very happy. Congratulations and have a great honeymoon.

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