Preparing To Make Everyone Laugh At These Wedding Speech Jokes

Man: My love! Was it love at first sight? Woman: Yes of course, you are my everything, and my sky. And because of it, if I had of seen you more than once, I wouldn't be marrying you.

Woman: Honey, today is our first wedding anniversary, how about we go kill a chicken! Man: How is the chicken guilty? Why don't will kill your brother who introduced us to one another.

A couple when to the doctor for marriage consultation to find out the results of the spouse exam. The one spouse was very nervous and said to the doctor please tell me the news of the cheating spouse results while I wait outside the office. Then the doctor said to the spouse: " Your husband is very delicate and could die at any moment". The spouse started to cry and the doctor said. The spouse is happy that you asked like this. Then the doctor explained. You have to stop working and rest the whole day. You have to stretch and take care four times a day, you have to give everything that the spouse wants. In the end, when the spouses saw each other they were a bit surprised and the question arrived. What did the doctor say? And she responded "That you're going to die"

Man: After breakfast the spouse had doubts and asked the other. My love, if I die would you cry for me? Woman: Of course honey, if you know that I cry for everything.

Once upon a time the husband said to the wife: Old honey, get ready because now going to love you. Wife: For me, you can go to Jupiter

One day the husband found his wife crying and asked: Why are you crying? The wife crying answered: It is just that would prepare one food very good and with Dog Wine but I ate it. The husband responded, don't worry honey, tomorrow I will buy you another dog.

Once upon a time a lady who called to her husband and said: Honey, I've been having problems with the wagon. And the husband said: The wagon car? What happened? Nothing, I think that there is water inside the carburetor and because of that it doesn't work. How do you understand so much mechanics? Because the car feel in the swimming pool. One night recently newly weds, on the night of the wedding, sweetly said the girl: Baby, let's have three girls. And you? How did you know? Because they are living at my mothers house.

In a divorce court the judge asked a question to the daughter who was 14 years old. With who do you want to go with your mother or father? The daughter answered. Who will have the car?

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